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About Me

Jake Klinker

Designer & Software Engineer

I'm currently a software engineer at Google in Mountain View, California working on Bluetooth interactions and Fast Pair. Throughout college, I worked for myself at Klinker Apps creating, selling and supporting various Android apps with my twin brother, Luke. I also worked for a couple local companies during that time period doing contracting work, much of which was centered around UI/UX design and implementation for Android.

My hobbies include running, playing water polo and video games, and working on my open source projects on GitHub. I've done a lot of Spartan Races in the past, so if anyone is into that type of thing then hit me up! Likewise, if you like my open source work and are using it somehow, I'd love to hear about it!

Need help with a project? I'd love to help out or just point you in the right direction, so get in touch!

My Projects
Work Experience

Google: Software Engineer

Fall 2016 - Present

  • Improved Android's Bluetooth device pairing through Fast Pair, a BLE spec for quickly and painlessly pairing with new headphones and other Bluetooth peripherals
  • Worked on the Android Context and Awareness team developing new ideas for making your device smarter with more contextually aware suggestions
  • Designed and prototyped features for the future of Android (ie, P and beyond)
  • Created frontend and backend infrastructure for an internal tool used to test prerelease versions of Google's Android apps
  • Applied solid engineering practices such as linting, testing and code reviews
  • Developed technical writing skills through design docs and project proposals

Klinker Apps: Founder/Lead Software Engineer

Winter 2012 - Summer 2016

  • Promoted as a Top Developer on Google Play
  • Designed and developed multiple multilingual applications from ground up
  • Published and maintained 15 different apps over the past few years with downloads totaling over 3.5 million
  • Created a client-server architecture for syncing messages between devices and a web client
  • Applied unit testing and continuous integration through Jenkins to assist in maintaining projects
  • Communicated with customers and have supported their needs through updates, email, and social media
  • Blogged about my experiences and tips I've learned to give back to the Android community

Sensor Tower: Android Software Engineer

Winter 2016 - Summer 2016

  • Collected and analysed user data through an Android app
  • Worked alongside Ruby engineers to develop a server and mobile app concurrently
  • Designed and implemented APIs in Ruby on Rails that the app could communicate with
  • Optimized the Play Store listing through the use of A/B testing and event tracking within the app

Innovative Software Engineering: Software Engineer

Summer 2015

  • Experienced agile development in a large team environment
  • Managed large Xamarin application written in C# using JIRA for project management and story point estimation
  • Taught high school students about Android development and helped them get started with their own projects
  • Redesigned application to use Google’s Material Design guidelines in Sketch and implemented design

Source Allies: Android Specialist/Software Engineer

Summer 2014 - Spring 2015

  • Learned and applied concepts such as unit testing, agile development, dependency injection, and Maven
  • Developed important industry skills including project management and code maintainability through testing
  • Solely managed multi-million dollar Android side of project for Ryko Manufacturing

University of Iowa

September 2012 - May 2016

  • BSE in computer engineering
  • Minor in computer science
  • Minor in mathematics
  • 3.96 GPA
  • Captain of water polo team
  • Mentored younger students in the presidential scholars program

Open Source Contributions

Trying to help the Android community!


I'm passionate about giving back to the Android community since I owe all of my success to its members. I'm proud of the open source work that I've published and contributed to on GitHub and will continue doing what I can long into the future. Many of the libraries that I or Klinker Apps has published have received well over 1000 stars, you might even see them in some of your favorite apps! A few of the more popular ones are Talon for Twitter, sliding activities, chips, SMS/MMS sending and an article viewer.

If you've seen something in one of our apps that you'd like to use for yourself, or you're just curious how something works, reach out to me and I'll probably open source it for you!

For a printable resume, grab it here.